Partie SA3/1/182/T3 - Tape recording of Jim Smith

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Tape recording of Jim Smith


  • 17 June 1986 (Production)

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Audio Cassette Tape 8 minutes 31 seconds

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Jim Smith,
Berry Farm,

Interviewed by Isobel Mitchell

Track 3
Side A

Scalloway during the war - beside the house was an army camp. There was a barbed-wire fence right over the hill, a gun post against the back. window, another gun post in the hen-house and one in front of the house. Joined the Home Guard while at school. Major Braid from Fife, (in charge of tar-making plant at Scord Quarry) Leiutenant Jimmy Williamson, Jamsie Thompson, John Johnson (Capt.) Ration books. (no sugar, strawberry jam, etc.) Army camp used to exchange jam for eggs from the farm. Grew cabbages for the army, also potatoes, milk, eggs. Milking done by three men, one land-girl and mother did some. (Had extra kye during war to supply camps with milk) Now just keep one or two. Crofting - Labourers lived in, there were two - Magnie Smith who's been at the farm all his working life is retired now - eighty years old. Two horses and plough, carts and manpower originally. After war got a tractor. Dept. of Agriculture had old Fordson tractor which they hired out on rota to farms. Smaller holdings had an 'iron horse', a two-wheeled tractor which was difficult to handle.

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